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Gabor L.Kelemen the publisher and editor-in chief of Jet Set Golf&Luxury Life Magazine:

Jet Set is a golf and luxury lifestyle quarterly magazine, published in Hungary since 2008 which is a direct communication channel to premium category people of the country. 
Because it is a dual language magazine (Hungarian and English), this is not made only for the Hungarians, but for those foreign business people and diplomats as well, who are living and working in Hungary. The companies can publish prestigious advertisements in this magazine for the consumers of premium products.
The exclusive articles and pictures of the Jet Set magazine continuously amuse the readers. 
Our readers are of a premium category (AB-1 status) aged between 18-60. They belong to the upper classes and high society. Their lifestyles require high standard services, they buy always the most exclusive goods and spend their leasure time actively and in varied ways. Through our magazine the non price sensitive society, the magazines target group can successfully aimed. 
The Jet Set golf and luxury lifestyle magazine is published quarterly and distributed free of charge those places where we can find the elite people. (Welness hotels, restaurants, 
cafés, golf courses, jewellery shops, boutiques, private health clinics etc.) The text of Jet Set magazine is about golf, yachting, hunting, tennis, premium cars, luxury travels, wellness, fashion, cosmetics, watches and jewelery and gastronomy. We cover the main balls, social and sport events as well.
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