The Park Café: sweet treats with the most beautiful view

This is the home to the one and only original Bled cream cake! Genuine cream cakes are a rarity, which is why you just have to try one at the Park Café when visiting Bled.Jet Set staff visited the Park café at 21. June, 2020, we had a delicious lunch here and at the end we tasted the Bled cream cake, which was fantastic.
The original Bled cream cake
We have made over 15 million of them to date!
The original Bled cream cake turns an impressive 66 years old this year. How many have been made at the Park Café in the last 66 years? Believe it or not, the renovated café with the most beautiful view of Lake Bled served its 15 millionth cream cake in early October, 2019!
A visit to Bled just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t treat yourself to an original Bled cream cake. Tasting it is an unforgettable experience. Start by piercing the crispy crust with your fork and then dig into all four layers at once. That divine taste! A crispy crust with a combination of heavenly fluffy custard and cream. Add to that the most beautiful view of Bled’s most celebrated sights – the lake, island, and castle – and there can be no greater pleasure!

There is only one original Bled cream cake!
Year of birth: 1953
Place of birth: cake shop of Hotel Park at Bled
Father: Ištvan Lukačević
Mother: Vojvodina cream cake
Features: The layers from the bottom to the top follow one another as follows: puff pastry, custard, whipped cream, puff pastry and icing sugar.
Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 7 centimetres
How do you distinguish the original from the rest? When you place it on the plate, the entire cream cake must sway back and forth.

Interesting facts about the original Bled cream cake
The original Bled cream slice is recognised as a dish with a designation of origin. Since the very first cream cake in 1953, over 15 million original Bled cream cakes have been made to this day, using over 131 tons of flour, 8,437 million eggs and 1,556,000 litres of milk. If the 15 million cream cakes were stacked in a row, they would reach 1,050 km or all the way from Bled to Naples. If we were to stack them on top of one another around Lake Bled, they would make a wall 8 m high.